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Band Summary

Since forming in 1943 Besses Boys’ Band have won numerous Contest Championships and have performed locally, nationally and internationally with concert and competition success throughout Great Britain, Europe and Australia.

Initially a feeder band for the world renowned Besses O’th’ Barn Band the Boys’ Band was formed in 1943 to train young people in musicianship when senior players were deployed during the 1939/45 conflict. In the early days the boys’ band consisted of only junior boys and quickly progressed from a beginner's group to a prize-winning youth ensemble recording a run of national competition success. The bands have since operated completely independently for over 40 years and Besses Boys' Band now compete as a senior band in the second section.

The band has had numerous television appearances and have performed to high-class figures and Royalty including Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Her Majesty the late Queen Elizabeth II. Besses Boys’ Band have a great balance of age and experience and represent Whitefield, the surrounding area and the County in National Contest Championships.

Besses Boys’ Band has a strong community ethos and continues to educate and encourage children to learn musical instruments, developing their talent and performance skills. In recent years the band has represented the North West of England at the National Brass Band Championship of Great Britain (sections 1-4) finals four times in the last decade.


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